What would it be like to be one of the first colonists on Mars, or to manipulate the world around you with just your thoughts, or even live to be 1,000 years old?
We’re on the verge of finding out, because right now scientists around the globe are hacking humanity, developing groundbreaking ideas and inventing cutting-edge technologies
that will usher in the world of the future.

Hacking Humanity is a new six-part series about important scientific advances that
could profoundly impact the future of humanity. The format is an immersive and
thought-provoking blend of scientific information, history, biography, and adventure.
Each film explores the past, present, and future of a different hot topic, ranging from
gene editing to artificial intelligence to life extension. Computer-animated sequences
imagine visions of the future. Our guides or ”hosts” for this fascinating journey are
young science enthusiasts with personal connections to the subject matter. They will
travel the planet to meet the visionaries transforming our world and experience the
science firsthand, while probing the ethical implications of the discoveries.


Al Roker Entertainment (ARE) is a leading producer of original, award-winning TV
programs and digital content. Led by nine-time Emmy-winning TV personality Al Roker,
ARE produces a wide range of high-quality content for distribution across platforms
around the world.
Executive Producer Christopher Webb Young has more than two
decades of experience creating science and technology programming for a variety of
networks including Discovery Channel, Science Channel, Animal Planet, and National
Geographic Channel. He produced the original, groundbreaking Brain Games for Nat
Geo, launching the long-running, Emmy-nominated hit series. Before joining ARE,
Christopher was the Director of Media at the World Science Festival and worked on
more than 50 long-form programs with some of the world’s leading scientists.
Christopher holds degrees from MIT and Northwestern University.


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